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Thread: Tablesaw adjustments help

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    Dennis in Orillia Guest

    Default Tablesaw adjustments help

    Hi all, I tried to adjust the heeling of the blade on my tablesaw and now have spent all night trying to get it as close as it was. Not terribly happy at the moment but I'll sleep on it and try again tomorrow night. It is a craftsman contractors ts and there are 3 bolts at the rear that are to be loosened, the blade paralleled to the miter slot and then retighten the bolts. Everytime I do this and get the blade in the right spot, it moves when I am tightening the bolts. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong, all suggestions are welcome.
    TIA Dennis

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    Russ Phelps St Albert AB Guest

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    I loosen all 6 bolts(the front 3 also)

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    Lee, in Calgary Guest

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    I don't know the anatomy of the Craftsman saw, but you might also consider clamping the trunion arrangement to the table top once you get everything square (with the bolts loose). This way you prevent the whole mess from moving as you tighten the bolts. I spent about 45 minutes with my saw loosing trunion bolts, aligning, tightening, measuring, loosening, aligning, tightening.....until the light bulb finally went on that I was moving the trunion assembly while retightening the bolts. Be patient, you'll get it how you want it. Lee

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    Bob Campbell in Wingham Guest

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    Dennis - In-Line industries has a kit of "L" shaped brackets, two fine adjusting screws and two locking nuts that will solve your problem. They are located in Maryland - tel:800-533-6709 - I also have their mailing adress and fax number...

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    Dennis, you might try putting two flat washers under the bolt heads. Put a little oil between the flat washers so the torque of the bolt will slip between the washers. This may help with your problem.

    Best Regards, Ron.

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    Morty - Edmonton Guest

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    I have the same beast likely, I ordered some little bracket thingies called saw pals or the like from woodworkers supply I think they are a little L bracket with an allan bolt that mounts on either side of the trunion and allows you to push the back of the trunion around without it mob=ving they are a bit expensive at around $40 cnd as I seem to remember but saved me a lot of frustration. They also suggest replacing the bolts with studs locktited to the table top with two washers under the head this makes a difference as it doesn't move when you tighten it up

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    Mike King, Sherwood Park, Guest

    Default the real solution

    is the washers, like Ron says. The kit mfrers know this too. Now we all do;-)

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    Bruce Slevinsky Guest

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    I first set my fence absolutley parallel to the mitre slot, and then loosen the blade and clamp it to the fence (shimmed to provide heeling if necessary). You might want to use a wood spacer to protect the fence and blade as well. Then tighten the bolts and things should not move around, leaving you a perfectly set up blade.


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