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    Kirby Guest

    Default dust collector separator

    Has anybody build a separator out of a garbage can. I have tried but the dust gets sucked right through the can to the dust collector. I have the air going into the can through a 45 degree elbow that is mounted in the cover pointing towards the bottow on the can. The house to the dust collector is sucking the air out of the can through a 90 degree elbow mounted in the cover as well. Both of the elbows are mounted inside of the can through a wood cover. Would a larger can help? Baffles? Any help would be appreciated.

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    William Young Guest

    Default Re: dust collector separator *PIC*

    Hi Kirby;
    I've built several preseparators over the years but here is the one that really works. About 20 dumps of the barrel gives me about an inch or so in the botom bag of the DC. Once a year emtying of the bottom bag should be about normal for the amount of planing, jointing and source from all the other power tools goes.. There is a little bit of design involved that the picture dosn't show but it's too long to explain here. Email me if you need more info. Possibly a REAL cyclone separator is the ultimate setup but that was out of my budget when I built this "poor mans Cyclone separator" and I am now glad that I didn't spend a lot of money on a big metal hopper setup when that money could have been better spent on some more 'glorious tools"

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    Wally Guest

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    I tried a LV cyclone lid on a big garbage can at first and it would only work until the sawdust was 1/4 of the can full. I changed to a 45 gal plastic drum and it works great till about half full, which is more than a couple of garbage bags.


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    Default Re: dust collector separator


    When you say "the dust still gets sucked through", are you referring to everything, e.g. nothing gets left in the seperator? Or do you really mean just the light dust is going through.

    A seperator is meant to "seperate" the heavier chips and bulky stuff from the finer dust. That is, the heavier stuff should drop out into the seperator, but I don't think it's possible to design a seperator that will eliminate any significant amount of the dust.

    If the chips and everything are passing right through, you probably have a design problem. If the bulky stuff is staying in the seperator and only the dust is going through, it sounds like you've done a good job.


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    Mike King, Sherwood Park, Guest

    Default what it needs..

    Is what's called neutral vane. That's simply a pipe extended down from the central (exhaust) port to draw air from further down the can. It only needs to be 6-8" long, make it airtight to the can lid and that should help.
    The material coming in the inlet port isn't spinning out to the rim of the can and that's why it's going almost straight to the centre port. One other thing- the can/lid/port connections must be airtight as you can get.

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