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    I see that there is already a thread on router tables, so I'll try not to repeat. I've already decided on the router table, but the question is the router.

    I plan to purchase a Jessem Router Table top and fence, I'll build a base for it. The question really boils down to the router power.

    I currently have a couple of routers the largest being a Bosch 2 1/4 HP combo kit. My thought is I can pruchase the jessem router lift and pop this guy into the table; if I need to use it handhed then I can slid it out and into one of the bases. Since I own other routers I hope to limit the need to remove it from the table.

    The online opinion seems to be that a table should have a 3 HP router. Of course, the purchase of "another new router" may kill my tool credability with the accountant (wife). The cost of course would kill the router lift purchase.

    Anyway what bits are you guys spinning on a regular basis that I would 'need' a 3 HP for? Given a choice would you go for the 3HP or the router lift?

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