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    This year during deer season, we had to cut some firewood.
    Well, I decided to rescue a few logs for sawing, they aren;t great but it was the best i could do at the time
    At the last minute i tossed on what could come out as spalted birch, or it might just be rotten:mrgreen:

    the logs have just been sitting waiting to be cut, but the other day I finally got my boss to ask the guys at a mill here that we have been doing some repair work at to get me a deal on Maple
    I heard they had shut down the kilns and only sold green to large customers. I wanted about 100 bd ft to put with my logs. The little place where i'm getting them cut has a small kiln and for $0.30/ft they will dry it.

    Imagine my suprise when he came and to me and said we had to go pick up 100 ft for $125.00 kild dried
    Well, i know, too good to be true, so lets go see this wood.

    It was labeled as sel and better sap
    meaning one side was white and one side had a bit of sap wood
    all of it was almost totally clear 30 boards, the few more you see that look bad were what the guy tossed on my truck after i had picked what i wanted
    I could have gone 8 and 10" wide but only have a 6" jointer
    all about 1 1/8 thick

    and the best part is they are going to bill the company, and i will never hear about it, it will just get paid
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