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Thread: green wood - where do people buy it in toronto and what do you ask for?

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    Default green wood - where do people buy it in toronto and what do you ask for?

    hi everyone:

    i'm going to be taking a chair making class and have read that a lot of chairs (especially windsors) are made with green wood.

    i have a few questions about it. i did a search and didn't come up with my answers so i apologize if this has been asked before.

    where in the GTA is green wood sold? is there a good place that people would buy from (i'm not buying right now but just curious and if i get into this will probably be buying some after april).

    my understanding is that this is wood that is recently been cut from the tree and has not been given time to air dry or is not kiln dried (so it has a lot of moisture). is this correct?

    when i would go to a mill to get it (say century mill), how would i ask for "green wood"? do they sell them cut up or is it all one piece?

    is green wood generally cheaper then kiln or air dried wood?

    thanks for any information. any help is appreciated.


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    Default Green wood

    What species are you looking for. If it is ash I may be able to help you out.

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    Default Small Mills

    You can often find it at small mills. If you taking a windsor chair class from John Robinson he usually has some for sale. Given all the bug's around finding green oak is going to be quite a chore.

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    Default Green wood


    For the chair course with John, he will supply the wood. He buys his logs from a mill up north. The problem is you want nice straight grain for the green parts. This is necessary for the bends to go well.

    You want ring porous woods, Ash, Oak, Hickory, etc. These will bend well. One suggestion has been the city wood lots, Any tree taken down by the city is put in a lot. There is one in the Oakville/Burlington area, probably others around.

    If someone has a small log, I would be interested in getting a 48" section. Want to do the arm, bow and spindles for another sackback.

    Isn't movement of Ash tough right now due to the borer beetle?


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    Sorry Jim but I have to disagree with you about finding green oak. Green wood of any kind is very easy to find- go to a small mill and there will be lots to choose from. As far as oak goes - wholesale prices on oak right now are in the toilet. Many mills are not even cutting it or minimal amount and are sitting on logs and turning away trucks. Unfortunately you won't see this at the retail end of things in the big places. The small guys are getting burned right now. I am sure that any smaller mill will be more than helpful in getting rid of some oak.

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    Default Green Wood

    I have a friend near Barrie, His name is Wayne LaLonde. He has a saw mill and harvest's his own lumber. I know he has (Green) white oak and maple plus more. Email me and I will give you the telephone #


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