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    Lee, in Calgary Guest

    Default Sharpening

    Greetings all,

    I'm interested in sharpening my planes and chisels. Do the experienced folks recommend a system such as those sold by Lee Valley, or would it be better to go with the glass+sandpaper&Veritas jig method?


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    Andy in Georgetown Guest

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    Hi Lee,
    I bought the veritas system about a year ago and have found it easy to use and get great results from it.
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    Mike in Ajax Guest

    Default I took the Lee Valley sharpening course

    a while back and after seeing all of the stuff that I would need to buy to handle my sharpening needs ( all I had was an oilstone) and the prices of all this stuff I decided to go all out and bought the veritas Power sharpening system from Lee Valley with the 10% course discount.

    This is very pricey but does a great job and you can sharpen stuff in a flash. I don't have the patience to spend 1/2 hour on a chisel to get it properly sharp the first time.

    Of course I have cut myself so many times now that my chisels are razor sharp. I now have much more respect for these tools. LOL

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    Default Re: Sharpening

    Lee, I bought the "Veritas Sharpening System"
    and used if with glass/sand paper and it worked great but it is slow.

    Recently I started using a faster that costs less then the Veritas power sharpener or a tormac(sp) system. I bought the delus power sharpening set and put the white wheel on one side of my 6" grinder. On the other side a hard felt wheel . With this setup you can touch up an edge with the felt wheel and Honing Compound . You have to be careful you don't round the cutting edge but with a little practice you get a mirror sharp edge that like the scarry sharp guy you can count your nose hairs in too.

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    Default Sharpening

    I guess I am somewhat ol fashioned as I use a grider, wet stone and a holding jig

    I also at times use a diamond strope and a leather strope. and it only takes a couple of minutes to produce an edge that I can shave with. Sometimes I do shave a portion of my face to prove a point to the young bucks around.

    However long it takes and whatever method you choose if its not sharp its somewhat useless.


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    Darrell & Kathy ( Guest

    Default Re: Sharpening


    I use sandpaper on glass, with a jig to hold the blade. Some blades you have to do free-hand, like moving filletster irons, but most of them fit in the jig.


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