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Thread: 14" planer dust hood plans

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    dandaco Guest

    Default 14" planer dust hood plans

    I would like to build a dust hood for my General-130 14" planer. Does anyone have plans or pictures of something similar.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 14" planer dust hood plans

    Sometimes you can get them ready made at your local tin knocker that will fit to your dust extraction systen. Mine can come off quickly in case of a dust/shaving clog. Sorry no pic

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    Garth Guest

    Default Re: 14" planer dust hood plans

    Twenty years ago I purchased the General-130 14 inch planer. For the past nineteen years I used a homemade hood (lots of duct tape) that never performed satisfactorily. Finally, this year I obtained the factory made dust hood and hooked it up to a decent dust collector. The General hood is item # 1305 and costs about $120. For a picture of it go to the General web page.

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