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    Just wanted to share photos of a trestle table I completed this summer.

    As you all know, the trestle table is one of those timeless designs. So from a design perspective I chose to add nothing here.

    The top is paduak and the base is khaya a.k.a African mahogany. Butterfly keys, tenon wedges, and table top and feet buttons are black walnut.

    This is my second piece since I started working in wood last year. Mostly Japanese and some western hand tools except for a sander and jig saw to trim an edge.

    Paduak is wonderful to work with and cuts well. Khaya is softer and very easy to work with hand tools. I found both are prone to tearout with handplanes particularly khaya. This is even with a high angle smoother. I had to use the cabinet scraper and sander.

    One may quibble about mismatched boards but I had to go with what was available. Half way through joining the boards I realized that one of the boards was unacceptably cracked. So I had to get another one...

    Ultimately, more than the table I hope you enjoy the photographs showing some of the wonderful color and grain of wood.

    Regards, V
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    a very nice table... great work and I like the wood.



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    Default Re: Padauk Trestle Table

    Very nice indeed.
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    Default Re: Padauk Trestle Table

    I think it looks great! Excellent job, especially as only your second project! What is the finish schedule you used?

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    Excellent work VinC.

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    Classic lines, very nice.

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    Hi Vin C

    Welcome, the table looks fantastic. I have a favour to ask, would you mind loading your pics into our Gallery and linking to those pics. That way 6 months to a year from now when someone looks at your thread the pictures will still be there.


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    Thanks a lot, folks.

    W.r.t. finish, I used five coats of kusmi buttonlac for the base and top, For the top this was followed by beeswax. For the base it was followed by a coat of the Danish oil and beeswax that you get from Lee Valley. Lightly sanding between applications or using a kitchen scrub pad.

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    Yes I second Mikes request, also not everyone (me included) uses MS stuff, so I am not able to see it like this and I'm sure there are more, thanks

    Have fun and take care
    Leo Van Der Loo

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