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Thread: Table Saw Blade Alignment

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    Has anyone found an easy way of getting the blade accurately aligned to the mitre groove? I can't seem to get it right. Seems okay when I measure the distance from grove at both sides of the blade, but by the time I tighten the trunion bolts, alignment is out again. I am backing the bolts off enough so as to be able to move the bracket with ease.

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    First, don't back them off that much. Also, if it's shifting, say, .020 when you tighten, simply over compensate (Tennessee Windage) by that amount and when you tighten it'll shift to where you want it.

    I've heard of folx only loosening the trunnion bolts to the point where a 4' length of 2x4 is needed to adjust.


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    John, put two flat washers with a little grease between them between the bolt heads and the trunion castings. Then when you tighten the bolts the torque is not going to be against the castings and the alignment may stay in place.

    Best Regards, Ron.

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    If you already have washers, try changing them or fliping them over, ocasionaly they become cupped and act as a self-centering device.

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