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Thread: Painting Straight Line on Rounded Corners?

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    Default Painting Straight Line on Rounded Corners?

    Seems I am spending more time painting/staining these days than WW. My next task is to paint several rooms that have corners that are rounded.

    For those that don't know, in many new houses when two pieces of sheet rock meet at a corner instead of the traditional 90* metal corner protector they have a rounded protector installed.

    My problem occurs where there is a colour change from room to room. I have two questions, where do you make the transition and how to you guarantee a straight line. By the way, their first attempt was make the colour transition a the mid-point of the curve.

    Cheers, JG

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    Default Re: Painting Straight Line on Rounded Corners?

    Generally you would follow the colour around to an inside corner. This would go into the next room, many do it this way as an "acccent wall" or whatever you want to call it. Most I have seen, paint the same colour straight through, unless the rooms are separated by a cased openning.

    You can tape off the corner, but I don't think it will look right. If you do, run the tape (good painter's tape) down the wall and seal it with a very dry brush of paint (very little paint on the brush). This will seal the edge preventing bleeding under the tape.


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    Default Re: Painting Straight Line on Rounded Corners?

    The colour change from our kitchen to our great room (they share two arched openings) is on the kitchen side of the corner - i.e. the parts of the arches facing into great room and the underside of the arches are the great room colour, and the great room colour wraps around the full corner into the kitchen. The paint line roughly follows where the rounded part of the bead straightens into the wall surface.

    These rounded corners are great, by the way, after seven years, there are very few corners that have been damaged by our three younger kids (the walls, on the other hand, are really starting to show the wear).


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    You should consider blending the two colors so that there is no hard line. A neighbor purchased a tool online that makes it easy to do -- His corners look beautiful blended.

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    Thanks Outsideart. I didn't know such a thing existed. I will be ordering a Blendmate unit. I see they ship by USPS.

    Cheers, JG

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