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Thread: Rockwell Beaver 4" Jointer - Model: 2801

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    Default Rockwell Beaver 4" Jointer - Model: 2801

    Well my father gave me his old jointer that he used to use when he did a lot of woodworking (the jointer has laid claim to the tip of his middle finger at one time.)

    The iron table and fence was covered in about 2mm-3mm of rust but I sanded it down with 120 grit, degreased it, put some Top Coate rust inhibitor on it, and waxed it.

    My question:The blades are nicked so I'll have to go about replacing them. Any ideas where I can buy replacement 4" blades for this? It looks like the blades are just held on with square nuts.

    I put a few bowed 2x4s through and after a few passes, it cleaned them up nicely (minus the grove from the nick in the blade.)



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    Default Re: Rockwell Beaver 4" Jointer - Model: 2801

    Most likely the knick can be removed with a good sharpening. If they can't be sharpened for some reason, hone the edge and shift each blade in opposite direction so the knick is in a different position and it will work good as new.
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    Default Re: Rockwell Beaver 4" Jointer - Model: 2801

    i have one of those old jointers too, nice little machine

    i dont know what model mine is, its been retired and is semi buried behind a pile of lumber!!

    the blades can be reground or replaced, grinding should be done by a pro, i use ETK Carbide in London Ont, my local Home Hardware sends them for me, turn around is a week

    They will also supply new knives

    I also hone my blades after grinding and once in a while, but i wont try grinding them
    my shop is a beaver lodge
    steve, sarnia, ont

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    Default Re: Rockwell Beaver 4" Jointer - Model: 2801

    BC Saw on Evans can get you almost anything you want or make them!!!
    If you're in the GTA try them:
    Best Regards

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