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Thread: Do you use a self center dowel jig?

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    Bob Oswin Guest

    Default Do you use a self center dowel jig?

    I find the need for a self centering dowel jig for pinning some replica
    furniture I am building.
    I seems that the prices for these things really vary and there appears to be
    no brand name attached to a particularyl good device.
    Harbour Freight has 2 at $16.99 and $17.99 (U.S. =$27.88 Cdn.) respectively
    while House of Tools here in Canada needs $57.50 for their Tiawanese version. Lee Valley has one for about $69.00.
    There is also one that expands to a 6 inch width. Is this necessary?

    What do you use?

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    Gerry Wittenberg, Agassiz Guest

    Default Re: Do you use a self center dowel jig?

    Hi Bob -- I used the Dowel Crafter jig for years before a biscuit joiner found me. It worked OK altho it was a little fussy as to lining up the X's and O's. I used it for a stop on my RAS after the BJ found me and last month it found a new home via a garage sale. I now use those dowel center thingies from LV if I need to work with dowels.


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    Young Park Guest

    Default Do you use a self center dowel jig? (Young)

    Hi Bob and Gerry'
    I have tried more than 7 different types of doweling jig over 20 years. The four different versions of self-centering jig are made by TaskUSA ( and other copy versions are imported from Taiwan. These jigs require lengthy setup and some level of skills to use. There is a new jig that is capable to drill dowel holes for joing the edge-to-edge, miter and rails & stiles joints a snap. Furthermore, edge to surface (90 degree) joints can be done with just a few simple, foolproof steps. It is fast, easy, and seems not require any experience. My $165 paid biscuit jointer is ideling most time since I purchased this jig from Try, you will like this.

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    Bev, Ayr Guest

    Default Hey... Young park ! ! !

    If you want to advertise YOUR PRODUCT on this forum BUY YOUR ADVERTISING SPACE. This is a free site to share ideas and problems, NOT CORPORATE FREE-BEES

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    Feb 2006
    Near Beeton ON

    Default Re: Hey... Young park ! ! !

    Hi Bev, at first I did not understand your rebuke, but then I went back and followed some links and understood "Young" was promoting his own product. Personally, it is not offensive; a "one time infomercial" is not all that bad. Some of the regular contributors to this forum have openly "advertised" that they had product for sale.

    I certainly am not in favour of commercializing the forum but I am not averse to being made aware of "new or alternative" products in an informative way by venders. We have seen this in the past with "known" venders and have accepted it.

    I think it would be nice to see Young contributing to this forum with more than self-promotion, as do several of our present corporate contributors.

    Best Regards, Ron.

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    Bev, Ayr Guest

    Default He should say so!

    Hi Ron,
    Don't mean to be overly critical, but... I agree there is not anything wrong with someone advising us of a new product, or one that we may not be aware of, BUT... be up front about it! In his response he is promoting himself as a satisfied customer that purchased the product, Not as the person who owns/sells it!

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    Young Park Guest

    Default Re: He should say so!

    Dear Bev & Ron:
    It is my sincere apology for having promoted my brothers business on this forum.
    It happend when I come to open this section, I found someone (Bob and Gerry) were fussy about doweling, that tempted for me to write the one.
    Sorry for that.

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    Robert in Red Deer Guest

    Default Re: He should say so!

    You dont need to apologize!
    An honest enquiry was made and you made an honest reply. Never mind the criticism, I followed the link and learned a lot. Maybe we don't need to be so thin skinned.

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    Steve in Kemptville, ON Guest

    Default Bev & Ron both have excellent points...

    but, don't be discouraged Young Park. I'm sure your intentions were genuine. Your brother's email is similar to yours and that I think sounded fishy. I don't like companies sneaking ads in here either but your case seems believable enough. If you can contribute to the general forum please do so. If you know of something that could be helpful post it but make sure you don't stand to gain from it. IMO people are just protective of this forum and it's ad free, information rich format and don't want to see it ruined by money grubbing corporate advertizers flooding it with junk posts. Oughtright advertizing is not welcome here because if it were allowed, even just for "new" products pretty soon we would be bombarded with ads for every widgit ever thought up.

    my .02$

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    J.P.Rap Hamilton Guest

    Default WOW!!!

    When you folks follow a link, you really follow a link.
    I too ,had a look at the jig and found it interesting. However,I didn't look close enough at the link or the post to see the connection.

    Poor Young Park ,He didn't have a chance with this bunch.LOL

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    Bob Oswin Guest

    Default Re: Do you use a self center dowel jig? (Young)

    My thanks to Young Park for the additional information regarding dowel jigs. I was not aware of this particular one and have bookmarked it for reference.
    Now... I wish I had as many positive responses to my query as I got negative responses to Yng Park!

    Ho Hum! I guess I will have to become an expert on my own. Here goes another order to Harbor Freight. The nice thing is I a can sell what I don't need or like on Ebay for twice what I pay for it! Don't you just love that Ebay?

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    Default Re: Do you use a self center dowel jig?

    I bought a cheap Dowelling jig from Canadian Tire. It worked OK for Me.

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    Scott Naulls Guest

    Default Don't like Dowels

    I use the Kreg Jig when ever I can... For the rest Its the biscuit Joiner.. I dont use the biscuit Joiner much.. Kreg jig is the way to go IMHO

    No conection to Kreg jig Darn it!!


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    Bob Oswin Guest

    Default Re: Don't like Dowels

    When you do "replica" furniture you don't get to have preferences.

    For what it's worth I have the other, aforementioned devices and prefer them in most instances. This job requires dowels.

    Bob in

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