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Thread: Finish for BB and Mahogany

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    I am just finishing the construction of a TV stand, with the shelves made of Baltic Birch and the rest various pieces of Mahogany from my father-in-lawís basement. I donít have a lot of finishing experience, but in the past have used diamond coat Varathane with decent results, but now I want to try a new finish and technique. Iím considering rubbed shellac with a tinted paste wax finish. I havenít been able to find the dewaxed shellac sanding sealer nearby (Courtenay area) but understand with Mahogany the pores should be filled.
    I donít have a sprayer and my workplace is somewhat dusty.
    The finish should;
    -Look incredible
    -Retain the contrast between the BB and Mahogany
    -Somewhat blend the Mahogany as some pieces are different shades
    -(Ideally) not yellow the BB.

    I have done a fair amount of book research but frequently have trouble sourcing the parts; shellac and paste wax wonít be a problem.
    Can anyone offer advice or recommendations on the finish Iím considering or other finishes, such as Danís Magic Mix? Will shellac, sanded liberally in the first couple of coats, fill the pores of the Mahogany?
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