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Thread: Stanley Type 20 plane restoration with pictures.

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    HI to all...
    Been a while since I posted here...had to take time out for a couple of minor operations. I had great success with the Stanley Type 20, thanks to a lot of elbow grease and GOOD suggestions from Pete, Roger, Warthog and Coalsmoke! I worked the frog down quite a bit, and did shim the front of the frog as well; I used aluminum "foil Tape", and now have equal contact on the frog. The sole took some flattening, but it too turned out well. The new thicker blade from Lee Valley now makes the nicest wispy shavings...I am going to tack on some pictures here of both the Stanley and a Craftsman corrugated sole plane I also refurbished. Thanks to all for the help!

    Here's my Stanley...

    And the Craftsman Corrugated sole...
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