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    Default Stains colour

    Years ago I used a gel stain on new wood trim to match the old trim that was in the house. Well that gel has disappeared from the stores.

    I have purchased different mahogany liquid stains trying to match the both water based and oil based they are much too red. I am trying to get a browner colour to the mahogany stain.

    Any ideas how to brown up some of these overly red mahogany stains?

    Thank you
    Rod in Sarnia

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    You can mix stains (e.g. mix HomeDepot Minwax "red mahogany" with "dark walnut" to the desired degree of "browness", more "walnut" will give more "brown") or you can look for one that's close to your desired tint out-of-the-can.

    As for readily available stains look for:

    Old Masters (check "Dark Mahogany" and "Dark walnut"), available in gel too at Benjamin Moore's and Lee Valley.

    Wood Classics available at Sherwin Williams stores - quite a lot of tints, they have color swatches in the store for you to take home.

    General Finishes waterbased available at Lee Valley.


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    If you're like me and prefer to work with the gel stains, the directions on both the current Varathane and Minwax gel stains suggest that they can be mixed -- I've done it a few times with success.


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    To turn the red to brown, add green.
    In a situation like yours I spray on a green toner until I get the desired shade.
    I get green NGR from Goudey's, but that is a long drive for you and spraying existing trim probably isn't practical.
    If you can get some Raw Umber colourant or dye, mix a little with the stain and it just might get you where you want to be. I find mixing walnut gets it too brown, especially if trying to match an existing colour. I like to be able to sneak up on it.
    Where did you get your stain? Maybe they have Huls or other colourants in RU.


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