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Thread: Dog sled plan

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    Default Dog sled plan

    Sorry to bother you guys again but I am looking for a good place to buy a plan to make a dog sled, I will be pulling that sled with my snowmobile and a person can sit in the sled and an other one can be standing at the end of the sled, it is like an Esquimo sled.

    Merci and have a nice evening

    Jacques L

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    Default Re: Dog sled plan

    Quite a few different ideas HERE Jacques. A quick Google search of dog sled plans will turn up a lot more. Good luck, and show us some pictures when you get it done.

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    Default Re: Dog sled plan

    gee jacques we are trying the same thing!!

    let me know how you make out

    im considering a scaled down sized sled, ie 2/3 or 3/4 size

    here is a well drawn set
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    Default Re: Dog sled plan

    Interesting project! I used to build these about 40 yrs ago. I had three Husky's that I used to demonstrate them for me. I only built a couple of the longer Alaskan style "Freight sleds" and one I kept for myself. Mainly I custom built the small racing sleds for people . I tied my sleds with "babish". Later the sleds were tied with nylon cord. I used white ash, quater sawn, for wood. I never had ,"a plan", my customers had me build sleds that were modified versions of existing sleds that we copied, for racing. I stopped building sleds as I became busy in construction. The freight sled I built were good to haul a person, etc. I copied a picture from a book for my freight sleds.They were just long racing sleds without the steam bent handles, and the racing sled runners were longer behind the sled. I have included attachments. The small model is of a freight is one that I have and took photos of on my computer's keyboard pull out shelf. BTW, would love to see a post of your sled soon!! Good sleding. Al
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