Ballasts in two of the 8 foot twin bulb fixtures in the shop are bad - one has a loud hum and the other the lights just don't work. I went to the Kent's outlet and got two replacements. They only carry one kind. I opened up the fixtures thinking this was an easy job - big surprise, it's not. I was assured the new ballasts are good for 2 75 watt bulbs but they do not look the same as the old ones. The old ballasts have one blue and one red wire coming out one end and only single black and single white out the other end. The bulbs are single pin bulbs. (It's not the bulbs, I bought new ones). The new ballasts have two red wires and two blue wires at one end and the other end has two yellow wires as well as a black wire and a white wire.

Is there any way to get these new ballasts wired into my old fixtures? Or will I have to go to a specialty electrical shop for replacement ballasts?