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    Question Performax scroll saw

    I was at the Canadian Home Workshop show this weekend. I purchased a Performax 16" scroll saw. It appears to work fine but there is a worklight that came with it but no bulb. I have phoned the number in the manual and the line never connects. I have tried to go on the website and it doesn't seem to exist. First can anyone help me with what size bulb I need to buy and second, how can they be selling things at the wood show and not be able to be reached? Any help that I can get in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was able to track down the company that sold the scroll saw to me and they are looking into the size of the bulb. I was also told that Performax is out of business, but that they will carry the warranty for the product.

    So my problem is solved. Thank you for your help in this matter.

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    Just a quick history lesson for other searchers. Performax was a company noted for their drum sanders, WMH Tool group bought them out, continued to make the smaller open ended drum sanders, and sold the rights to the larger sanders back to a group of investors who were associated with the original Performax. This new company was called Supermax. WMH continued building the open-ended sanders under the Jet name. About a year or so ago, WMH started up a lower price product line under the Performax name, and I have seen them only at Lowes. For future queries, I would go through Lowes.

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