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Thread: Delta Scroll Saw 40-110 Need Advice, please

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    Default Delta Scroll Saw 40-110 Need Advice, please

    I purchased a vintage 16 inch Delta Scroll Saw, Model 40-110, from an estate sale and have gone through it. It works great. I have sent for an instruction manual (at least this is the description OnLine) and Delta is sending a parts diagram. I am hoping that someone of you folks will be familiar with this unit.

    First, I want to know about the return spring cap at the top of the upper spring tube. This cap screws off. However, the threads are many more than are necessary for simply capping the end of the tube. I know that the tube draws air which is fed through a side tube for blowing dust off the working surface. I have examined the cap and cannot discern any function that it might have towards adjusting the spring tension (?) etc. unlike the 24 inch model which apparently has a spring tensioner.

    Also, what is the blade length recommended for this model? I have attempted the use of blades which I have for two other vintage scroll saws but do not know if I am accomplishing anything good or not.

    The initial sawing which I have done (last evening) shows that this saw is a good design and will work well once I learn the ropes with it. I am 71 years old and have been using a scroll saw (we called them "jig saws" in my youth) since I was just a small boy. I still have that original jig saw--a Dunlap (Sears) from the early 1940's, which I have restored.

    Thank you for your considerations to my quandry. I want to dominate this model because I feel that it will make a good one for my 14 year old grandson.

    Scotty in Texas
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    Default Re: Delta Scroll Saw 40-110 Need Advice, please

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    Default Re: Delta Scroll Saw 40-110 Need Advice, please

    Good evening, Pete in Milton...

    Thank you for responding to my queries. I will continue to do some reading. I hope, also, to locate someone who has such a saw for personal experiences with it. Although I have had an initial experience that shows the saw to be a great machine, I have also discovered a problem with centering the blade in the lower chuck. I can cause the blade to center by altering the position of one of the V-jaw blade holders. I have ordered an extra V-jaw to do this properly. Why this has happened, I do not know. The saw doesn't appear to have been altered by the previous owner. It would be nice to find one of the "self-centering" lower chucks mentioned as an accessory in the literature. Also...I have discovered that blade length should be 5 inches.

    Again, thank you for coming to my aid!


    Don't choke on the sawdust!

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    Default Re: Delta Scroll Saw 40-110 Need Advice, please

    You're most welcome! I use OWWM whenever I need information on old iron, it's a good one to bookmark, also the people that run it may be able to help you source the self centering clamp, or try Ebay?
    Best Regards

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