I was resawing some bloodwood today, and my poor old 14' bandsaw was having a hard time of it. A new blade would prolly help (it's a 1/2" skiptooth Timber Wolf), but I think it's a great excuse to upgrade :-)
It's a cheapo Busy Bee 14" that I got for around $300 around 20 years ago. I never could get it tuned as well as I would like, but it's certainly done a good job for me so far.
I recently upgraded my jointer to a Grizzly G0490X, which I've been very happy with, so I'm very tempted to go Grizzly again.
I'm looking at the 17" 'Extreme Series" bandsaw.
Does anyone have an opinion on this machine? It's smaller 14' cousin did get a 'best value' award from FineWoodworking.
Also, what are the thoughts on a good resawing blade for this saw?

Thanks for your input