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Thread: scroll saw blower hose

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    Default scroll saw blower hose

    I need to purchase a new air blower hose for my scroll saw, and I can't find a site. I would like to purchase some bead hose. I have a Delta 16" variable speed saw and the air blower sucks. I hooked up a fish tank air filter but unfortunately the hose has to be attached to the wood clamp on the saw, which I rarely use.

    Can someone direct me to a place where I can buy some of the bead hose?
    Do you think someone might have it at the Durham Show?

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    W.Y. in BC Guest

    Default Re: scroll saw blower hose

    Marsha.; That segmented hose is really hard to find but you can get it from Mike Moorlach at
    A really great fellow to deal with. Check out his site and if it's not in him. Tell him Bill Young in BC sent you.
    Good luck.

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    Herschell Sax - Ottawa Guest

    Default Re: scroll saw blower hose

    Marsha: I'm glad you posted this. I have the same scroll saw for about a year now and was wondering if only my air blower sucked. Like the saw so didn't want to go to the bother of returning it just cause the air blower really DID NOT work. It might blow out a match if the match was held directly in front of the opening but I doubt it. Glad to know it just isn't my blower.

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    Default Thanks Bill I'll check that out *NM*

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    Leo Faykes Guest

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    I'm pretty sure you can get that from They are located in southern Ontario.

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    Default Re: Thanks Bill I'll check that out

    Hi Marsha Ive been wrong so many times I hate to open my mouth. I have the same scroll saw or simaler and the hose doesnt work well at all. You can replace it but I doubt it will work. Do you have a compressor? If you do, hook a line up and adjust the pressure, I take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Works for Hic-ups too.

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    Default Re: scroll saw blower hose

    Roman, thanks for the advice, but I don't have a compressor. I hooked up a pump from an aquarium which blows pretty well, the problem is I'm unable to direct the air because the hose is too flimsy. Mike Moorlach had a very good suggestion; feed a piece of wire through the hose to stiffen it, then bend the wire to direct the hose where you want it. I haven't tried this yet as I've been far to busy, but I will try it on the weekend and let you know how it works.

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    Good idea but if you put the wire on the outside of the hose and just use tape around it,you will not be blocking any airflow in the wire and you should still be able to bend it the way you want.
    By the way i still have the original hose on my Delta 16 inch variable speed.It is not the best but still does the job after 3 years.Had to tape the end to the metal tube kept coming loose.....


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    Chester Van Ness Guest

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    Marsha: This is very fine dust and you should be looking at a way to suck it up rather than blow it around the room.Just two cents from a safety nut.

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