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    Thumbs up Jessem customer service

    Kudos to Jessem in response to a post that I had incorrectly placed in the home improvement forum. In that post, I commented on the so-so customer service and quality control. Darrin Smith, president of Jessem, replied directly via private email to my concerns and comments. His answers were both forthright and honest. I was more than satisfied with his reply as he addressed each of my concerns in detail. In summary, it seems Jessem was having some early production/growing issues but they are now back on track to rebuilding themselves in Canada.

    Ps. Their dowelling jig really is a work of art.

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    I had bought two sets (4) of their new parralign featherboards a few monthsago thru their online store. When I tried one of the sets, I found that when the featherboard was being used in a certain orientation the slidding of the board was impeded due the molded plastic not allowing the bolt to be able to slide in its recess without a struggle. I called them up, and had asked only that they send the defective plastic components. They did not require I send back the defective parts, and was pleased to receive two new boards. I can now use the defective ones in one orientation only, which I have now dedicated for my TS, the other two sets are for my Jessem Router Table which was the original intended use them. Very happy with this company's service and their products.

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