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Thread: exotic hardwood scraps?

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    Default exotic hardwood scraps?

    I am building a fireplace mantle for a client, and she wants something a bit different from Maple stained to look "reddish" like her kitchen cupboards. she doesn't want to have her painter spend hours and hours trying out different stains to get to the colour that she wants.

    for reddish woods, I thought of Alder, and perhaps some mahogany, and cherry, perhaps some arbutus.

    I found some mahogany at my local lumber yard, (and cherry and maple) but the cost is very high! when she chooses the wood that won't be an issue as it will be in the quote. Right now I'm trying to just get a couple of feet of each for a sample, so that she can put it onto her mantle to see if its close to the colour that she likes.

    Other than PJ White hardwoods (Vancouver- long lengths, rough- and I don't yet have a planer) I am stuck as to where to find some scraps of these woods.

    Doe's anyone know of a shop, or a seller that would have some scraps of these hardwoods?

    I am also going to call P&D Taylor Industries tomorrow, but I think they are mostly western maple.



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    Default Re: exotic hardwood scraps?

    Hardwood floor samples.

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    Default Re: exotic hardwood scraps?

    Maybe you could also consider African Padauk,with the increased price of Mahoganies,I think Padauk could be a cheaper contender within the nice red colors.


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    Default Re: exotic hardwood scraps?

    Have you tried Windsor Plywood. Many of them have an offcut bin that may range from ash to zebrawood at times. I have picked up a number of small samples there for just that purpose of trying out different woods. You may want to try a couple of different locations as the selection varies from store to store. GOOD LUCK

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    I have a bunch of cuttings in my "to get rid of free bin" I know there is NA Cherry, Jatoba, Hickory and some other bits

    I also have various "not free" larger pieces in other species.

    My shop is in North Delta.

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