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    I have read a bunch of the forums opinions on the floor for a shop and opted to a cement floor for mine and would like your opinion about putting down a hardwood floor over the new concrete. Would moisture from the concrete be a problem or is there a better reasonably priced way to go? I choose concrete because my shop and garage both burnt down in March and it made sense to run a large pad. I also had problems with mice and other creatures getting under the wood floor on my old shop.

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    Brian, Here is my floor in the bench room from 5 years ago.

    Some other people on the forum have done wood shop floors just do a search for wood shop floors.

    Cheers, Mark
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    I did almost the same thing as Mark in my basement shop.

    11/16" T&G OSB with tapcons holding it down.
    Then some cheap laminate flooring overtop. Got a skid of it that was a clearance and it was only 15c/sq. ft.

    Cleans up well, and is nice and warm of the feet. Highly recommend the Platon product for use on basement floors.

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