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Thread: 240 1phase to 575 3phase

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    Abe.. It is Relay Electric. I have the same situation and my transformer cost me $275. Bought it used. It is hard to beat the cost of a rotary phase converter from American Rotary in Wisconsin. There is a recent post by Mark for the one he recently purchased from them.I am a big fan of Rotary Phase Converters.

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    I have used phase converters since 1984.

    First, whether a 3 phase transformer is Delta or Wye wound ? A 4 wire winding will be Wye wound, that's 3 wires for the 3 phase one ( center of the Wye ) is the "neutral". All government installations require 4 wire systems. If your needs are for motor loads usual only 3 wire is required and Delta windings are fine. in 600 volt systems from any one of the legs to neutral should be 347 volts used for industrial florescent lighting.

    Static phase converters should be used only for single motor loads and cannot be used for a motor load that they were designed for. These are a phase shift circuit only and do not give full motor power.

    You can buy Vector drives that go directly from single phase to 3 phase and also have adjustable speed ramp up and down as well as variable frequency that gives you variable speed. Normal electrical motors are not designed for the higher speeds available and will overheat at lower frequencies.

    My choice is a rotary phase converter, they can be used for variable motor loads. I have a 45 hp unit that is supposed to only start a 15 hp motor, however starting smaller motors first actually helps the larger motors, if they aren't loaded. I can start a 25 hp saw spindle as long as I start the 10 hp and 7.5 hp motors first. To control the generated line voltage buy a unit with electronic voltage control, it switches extra capacitors in and out of the circuit when needed depending on the load.

    You do have to pay attention to the wiring, if you have manual starters the phase converter should be connected to restart by itself if the main should go off and back on, if you don't you could have 3 phase motors single phasing, not good. I only use magnetic starters.

    I have machines using 240 v 3 phase, 415 v 3 phase ( English voltage ) and 575 3 phase, and transformers dedicated for the last 2 the first coming directly from the phase converter.

    The start coil in your magnetic starters should not be powered by the generated phase and most converters will have an extra set of contacts for this.
    If you are looking for a quality Canadian manufacturer try Linda Munroe at T.J. Manufacturing 177 Samuel St. Sarnia ON N7T 7L3 519- 383-0433 or 866-230-4869 Linda is the most knowledgeable person I have talked to, she has manufactured phase converters for many years.

    I was trained as an electronic technician in the RCAF back in the late 1960’s I know that was a long time ago but electrons still do today what they did in the last century. Long before I decided to like working wood.
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