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    Unhappy General International experience

    About 10 years ago I started outfitting the shop in preparation for retirement, so I wouldn't have to fork out the money from pension payments. I thought GI was a good choice ... middle of the road pricing, etc. I'm still okay with my choice, but I've been disappointed with a few things.

    The drill press problem is annoying. When the bit binds (drilling steel), I usually turn the quill backwards by hand to free the bit and find that the big nut on the top loosens off and the pulley starts to slip. The nut is inside the cone of the step pully, so it isn't the easiest to get at. I tighten it and carry on, but it's a nusiance. I need to see if I can get a second nut to act as a lock nut.

    The lathe was under engineered (I wrote about it awhile back on the forum) in that the pulleys on both the motor and drive shaft were tightened only by small set screws, which would slip and scar the shafts. I've had a machine shop cut key ways in the both pulleys and shafts, but lost my lowest speed in the process. I've just had this done, so I don't know how it will affect my ability to rough out blanks. The speed jumps from 480 rpm to over 1200.

    The table saw trunion isn't 100% on. The trailing edge of the blade has always chipped out one side of the cut, worse with larger blades. I had a company rep come out shortly after buying it and he tried to adjust it by forcing it into line after loosening the mounting bolts. It seemed okay for a little while, but went back to the problem a short time later. I guess one day I'll take it apart and see if I can make an adjustment. I've had trunion problems on other saws and know they can be tricky.

    The 17" bandsaw hasn't given me any grief, so I'm can't complain about that!

    None of these problems are show stoppers, but they are annoying. Just thought I'd note these problems so people buying the brand will know what to watch for.

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