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Thread: Chisels - Record Marples

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    Default Chisels - Record Marples

    I got a box of chisels a while ago from my fathers estate - no idea where / when he got them. They have blue plastic handles with "Record Marples" imprinted on the handle and Sheffield Steel engraved on the blades - set of 4 from 1/4" up to 1".

    Does anyone know where they rate on a quality scale - are they Mastercraft equivalent or more high end?

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    Mike Harris, London Guest

    Default Re: Chisels - Record Marples *LINK*

    Hi Doug

    You're looking at a good entry level chisel set,a fair bit better than the set you'd get from CTC.


    Marples Chisels

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    Peter Harvey Guest

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    If you sharpen them correctly and put a nice micro bevel they will do just nicely. You must start by lapping the back flat to the point you can see your reflection. Then you grind the primary bevel (normally 25 deg.) then finish with the micro bevel.
    I do not believe in hollow grinding bu using a rotary grinder as not enough metal is left to support the main angle.
    Marples uses fairly good metal but you have to do the final honing.

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    Jim Shaver - Oakville, On Guest

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    I have the same Marples. They are good chisels , not excellent..scale on 1-10 I would give them a 6.5. I also have a set of Two Cherries that I like very much, LV has a Two Cherries "Like" set of the same steel at a decent price, I think they are called Hirsch??

    Anyway, the Blue handles do a fine job once flattened and sharpened.

    Take care,

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    Bob, in Lachute, Qc. Guest

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    Doug, I have two sets of those, and think they're grrreatttt. I took the time to sharpen and hone them properly, and easily shave my forearm with them. I keep the second set always honed. Had them for years, and no nicks, or chips. Very good value as far as I'm concerned.

    Frank Klausz, was on an open forum at WoodCentral, a few months back. When asked what his favourite chisels were, he said he liked the Marples set he has.

    All the best, Bob

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    Default Re: Chisels - Record Marples

    Thanks everyone.
    As they appear to be good I'll start honing!

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    Randy in Dartmouth Guest

    Default I've got a set.......

    They do a great job of slicing flaps of skin from fingers, knuckles, etc. DAMHIKT

    Oh, they also cut wood really well.

    Follow the advice given about honing etc. and you won't lack for anything in the chiselling department.



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