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    Good Morning. My house was built in 1980 with 2x6 exterior walls and R-20 insulation. My kitchen Cabinets are extremely cold and drafty. Ant tips?

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    I can think of three possible causes, but not sure if you are talking uppers or lowers or both.
    One could be a leaky hood vent running behind the other cabinets. Another might be that your cabinets are on an uninsulated wall, like a wall between the house and garage and the garage is leaky, or it could be that your header in the basement is poorly insulated.
    I used to live in a house that I swore had no insulation in an area of the kitchen. Once we re-insulated the headers with foam and filled in the holes drilled in the building for electrical wires, etc. it made a huge difference.
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    The drafty condition would be my biggest concern because there really should be no air movement other than perhaps a bit of natural convection because the interior of the cupboards can be cooler due to being closed up from the room heat.

    I had my kitchen wall open about a foot or so down from the ceiling to do some plumbing/wire moving before new cupboards were installed. I did find a draft coming down the inside the wall cavity from above at one place. I have cathedral ceilings so I couldn't go and look in the attic. I stuffed some insulation into the cavity.


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    Is there a bulkhead above the upper cabinets?

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    It is both upper and lower cabinets. There is no bulkhead anymore.

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    I asked about the bulkhead because if the vapour barrier is not installed before the bulkhead framing its very difficult to get a good air seal up there.
    At any rate there must be a problem with insulation or air/vapour barriers. Look for someone local who has an infra red camera to locate the problem areas so you can minimize your repair. Lots of home inspection services have them now.

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    How about no insulation? My walls are 1968 2X4. There is fiberglass in them, but I don't think it is R-12. My cupboard is around 20C, same as room, the outside is currently -16C. My R20 walls in my heated shop are warm.
    Is it a real draft ie air flow always there due to a leak, or perceived draft due to the temperature difference something like: My fridge has a lower freezer drawer. When you open it you feel the cold air flow on your feet.
    Kind of tough to comment on without experiencing it.


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    I like the idea of the infrared inspection - will show you where the problems are then you can post the results and we can help you with the solutions. Is there still some kind of rebate available for inspections/up-grades for home heating? Anyone?
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