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Thread: Pure tung oil, drying time and other questions

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    Default Pure tung oil, drying time and other questions

    I'm trying pure tung oil for the first time just because I've never used it before. Project is a combinaton of maple and mahogany. How long does this stuff take to dry/cure? I applied as per directions and have waited 48 plus hours. The finish does not feel gummy, but when I touch it, I can see oil on my finger. This is my 3rd application. The first 2 I just waited 24 hours, and wiped it down before I applied more. The mahogany seems to be greasier. Also, for storage purposes, I understand I can just add water to the can and keep it topped up. Oil will stay on top?

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    Default Re: Pure tung oil, drying time and other questions

    Temp and humidity can affect the curing time. If you haven't applied any more oil since you first posted but continued to rub the piece down with clean rags everyday even 2-4 times a day, you should notice a difference. If not, soak a rag in thinner and rub it in. You will remove some of the oil but the thinner will dilute the oil a bit and help it penetrate a little deeper. As the thinner evaporates, the oil resins should start to react with oxygen to cure.
    Cure time are approximate. There first couple can take much longer so best not to rush.


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