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Thread: King Canada 10" Compound Miter Saw - Model 8372

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    Default King Canada 10" Compound Miter Saw - Model 8372

    Hi all:

    I've got myself in a bind and I need a miter saw very soon. I've looked everywhere for a used one but without much luck. I really don't want to spend much right now and someday I would like to get a Makita or a Bosch, someday. Anyway right now I need a cheapy and I'm considering the King Canada Model 8372. Does anyone have anything to say about this saw? Besides the King website, I can't find any information on this saw.

    If anyone has a sliding compound miter saw for sale (under 12") please let me know. I'm in the GTA.

    Happy wooding,

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    Jamie in Brantford Guest

    Default Re: King Canada 10" Compound Miter Saw - Model 837

    Check these out. They are the same as the Airco that they sell at Rona.

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    Default Re: King Canada 10" Compound Miter Saw - Model 837

    Thanks Jamie,

    I have seen those on ebay but wasn't too sure about them. The only problem is that I need it a lot sooner than they could ship it to me. I think I might just take my chances with an 8.25" King and hope for the best. I'll probably sell it as soon as I'm done with it anyway.


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    Default Sorry Not the Same

    There is one very important difference between the KINg and most sliders in thisa price range. KING uses twin rails for the slide all others use a single rail. No comparsion .


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    Tim in Peace River Guest

    Default Re: King Canada 10" Compound Miter Saw - Model 837


    I just bought one. I wanted it for rough framing work on a cabin I am building so thought a $200 saw would be fine for that and better than a skill saw for hundreds of repetitive cuts. I wanted a cheap one so I can leave it at the building site during the week when I am at my real job.

    The saw exceeded all my expectations. It has 14.5 amp motor - lots of power. The twin slides are perfect - no play at all and very smooth. The rotating base that sets the cut angle is sloppy on cheap saws but there is a lock down screw that eliminates that problem.

    The only thing that is noticeably different than $750 saws is the gears. They are rattley sounding and there is no brake so the saw takes a while to wind down. There is a 2 year warranty though, so I will take my chances. I suspect this saw will replace my 'better' one in my shop once the cabin is done.

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Re: King Canada 10" Compound Miter Saw - Model 837

    Well, I went to Rona today to check out the Airco and boy was I not impressed. Yeah Jamie, not the same saw. So I went to one of my suppliers and checked out the King and I had to say right from the start that this was not a sloppy saw.

    So I've been using it all day, mostly to make bevel cuts on moulding and the precision is there. The moulding joins very well so I can't complain. Besides that, the dual slide rails are of the smoothest I've ever tested, and I've tested plenty of sliding saws. I would say that the sliding mechanism is comparable to a Bosch or a Makita.

    Yeah, bummer part is that there is no brake, but the Airco does have the brake and I guess they compromised on everything else. You get what you pay for, but with this saw there is definitely some bang for the buck. $200 well spent. $550 will be better spent a few years from now when I'm ready to buy the Bosch.


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    Default Forgot to mention...

    that the only other thing that I don't like about the King is that there is only 1 thumb screw to secure the clamp to the fence. So I have to remove the thumbscrew and insert it on the other side of the fence whenever I want to change the clamp position. Maybe I can find something similar to make it 2.

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    Default Re: King Canada 10" Compound Miter Saw - Model 8372

    I have used mine for close to 4 years now, only thing wrong with it, it doesn't have an electric brake, otherwise it has been a work horse, of course, a sharp blade rules.

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    Default Re: Forgot to mention...

    Fortunately I have 2,as I had one unit stolen without the parts
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