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Thread: King Canada "Performace Plus" Cordless Gas Framing Nailer

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    Default King Canada "Performace Plus" Cordless Gas Framing Nailer

    Co-op is one of the largest suppliers of lumber in our area, they always have good deals on tools when they have a sale. They had a cordless feraming nailer for 179 bucks advertised. It came with a 3 year warranty, but i would never buy this product again. First one I got, one battery did'nt work (Told is VERY common with these), once they replaced the battery it worked fine...for about 2 weeks. One day I went to use it and there was no power from the battery. I took it back, they sent a new one to the Co-op, and I gave that one a go. This one worked good for oh about 3 months, I was putting on furring strips for hardboard siding, when I went to change to the fuel cell, so I removed the battery, did the sawp, put the battery back in only to have it do the same thing as the first one, DEAD no power at all. Other than the fact it crapped out 2 times the nailer itself worked just as good as a passlode, and acctually weighed about 2 lbs less as well. I took this one back, and was going to get another, only to find out they don't make them anymore (Wonder why). A resort in the area also bought one for their workers, and both batteries they had wouldnt work, then when they got the new ones they had the same issue as me within a month. I got my money back, but if you see one of these DON'T buy them they are a lemon. I purchased a Passlode for 429 on sale which i guarantee you will not find a better price. These nailers are excellent to have especially for rafters, and sheeting. no hoses no mess. The only downside to them is they freeze up in the cold.

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