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    I was at my neighbours last week and he showed me this weird circle on his grass. He didn't have a clue as to how it got there. I asked him if his septic take was under it. Not! He's lived there for 33 years and doesn't have a clue. My only other thought is that perhaps he may have spilled some fertilizer on the ground in winter and it spred out on the snow and fell through when the snow melted. Any clues as to what this can be?
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    Not a crop circle but almost as mysterious. It is a fairy ring caused by fairies dancing on the grass.

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    That is a large one, but smaller ones are not uncommon. The Wikipedia article covers the topic well.


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    Wait a long time. It will go away, as it grows over into the neighbors place.
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    Curious... I thought those were more a western Canada thing. I saw plenty of them in Edmonton, but have never seen one here in S.Ont.
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    Apparently the folks from Roswell have been visiting.

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