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Thread: t-slot and jig hardware

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    Ryan Guest

    Default t-slot and jig hardware

    I've finally finished the renovation to my house so now I am back on track to do some weekend woodworking.

    I want to build a number of jigs and fences for my equipment and I'm wondering where to buy t-slot and other jig hardware (knobs, t-slot nuts, etc)in the Durham Region, Toronto area.

    I've looked at the lee valley catologue but tehy have 2 feet of t-slot priced at $8.95. I'm sure I have seen it cheaper at wood shows.

    Any thoughts?

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    dave from waterloo Guest

    Default Re: t-slot and jig hardware *LINK*

    You can find t-track and handles/t-nuts/etc. at All in One wood tools in Mississauga and probably a few other places like Busy Bee.
    I've ordered the t-track and assorted jig parts from Lee Valley and you just can't beat their quick delivery and the convenience of ordering on-line. You can find some of the knobs and bolts at Home Depot (but no t-track), but its probably not any cheaper there.

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    Bob, in Lachute, Qc. Guest

    Default Wow!!! Revolutionary New DC *LINK*

    Holy Smoke, how did I miss THISSSSS!!!!, check out the Revolutionary "NEW" dc, at the link. The Shopsmith DC-3300.

    $679.00, and are you ready for this, "Even picks up wood chips".

    Revolutionary new dc

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    Denis Chénard, Ottawa Guest

    Default Would you be sarcastic by any chance?

    Are there still people buying Shopsmith machines?

    Just curious...


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    Bob, in Lachute, Qc. Guest

    Default Who, Moi???????(hehehehe)


    you know what they say, "Build it, and They will come". I wonder if "They", are the same
    "they", that P.T. Barnum, referred too. Hmmmm.

    Have a Grrrreat weekend , Bob

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    Feb 2006

    Default Re: Who, Moi???????(hehehehe)

    But for only a few dollars more, you can buy Bob's favorite commercial DC (the name of which escapes me at the moment) that will not only pick up fine dust and chips at the rate of some 1080 cfm, but likely remove any unwanted fillings in your teeth too!

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    J.P.Rap in Hamilton Guest

    Default Re: Would you be sarcastic by any chance?

    You would be surprised at how popular they are. There are even several SS user groups on the net.

    I know this because I own one that I never use and I've been perusing the user groups trying to off load this thing. I have to admit though, its nearly fifty years old and runs as good as new(I checked the SS site and according to the seriel # it was built in late 1955). Other than the belts its all original. They may not be a great machine for everyone but they are certainly well built.

    one SS user group

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    Bob, in Lachute, Qc. Guest

    Default Re: Would you be sarcastic by any chance?

    Quite amazing. Something for everyone I guess. I remember looking at a Mk.V, in an ad, a longggg time ago. Maybe 35 years ago. They must be doing something right. They even have a competitor now, who's name escapes me at the moment. Apparently a beefed-up version of the Mk.V.

    That dc's price, though, leaves me a lil' breathless, lol. I'd be quite surprised if it would pull 100 cfm, through that lil' hose. On a cfm/dollar basis, hmmmm. About 7 1/2 bucks per cfm, tax inc. On that basis, a Belfab JJ, would be selling for about $9,500.00, lol.

    I'd be curious to know how many Mk. V.'s they've sold, since it first appeared.

    Have a great weekend, Bob

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    Walt in Welland Guest

    Default Re: Would you be sarcastic by any chance?

    I have one of those DC3300, bought it 5 to 6 years ago at a lawn sale where a son was selling his dads woodworking tools. I paid a whopping $l00.00 for it. This works great on my Delta 12 1/2 planer and on my tablesaw. I do not have it hooked up to piping, I just connect to whatever I am using. I know there are bigger and better machines for this purpose, but for me, it satisfies me, I do woodworking for myself and family, can't justify more expense for something that might run a couple of days a month.


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    Bob, in Lachute, Qc. Guest

    Default Re: Would you be sarcastic by any chance?

    Hi Walt, how does it work???Is it like a vacuum cleaner, or just a regular blower??


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    Walt in Welland Guest

    Default Re: Would you be sarcastic by any chance?

    Bob, if you look at the picture provided above in the link, you will see it has a white bag on top. That is the filter bag where the air is discharged, the bottom clear bag fills with the chips and sawdust. It is basically a large vaccuum cleaner. I would imagine if you had larger equipment than I have it would not be a satisfactory solution to dust control. For my application it does work OK. Where the hose is attached to the front of it there are three places where you can attach the hose.
    I purchased mine second hand with no manual, so I do not know the CFM of this unit.
    I imagine you can find the CFM on the Shopsmith site along with more information on the actual horsepower.


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    Walt in Welland Guest

    Default Re: Would you be sarcastic by any chance?

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    Weyburn, Sask.

    Default Not new....

    I have had one for 10 years.

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