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Thread: making segmented diamonds

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    Default making segmented diamonds

    does anyone know of a link toa site that shows how to put diamonds in a segmented bowl. i found a good youtube that showed me how to make a zig zag pattern but that is the only video i found that shows any patterns

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    Hey Al. if you look at (malcolm tibbets) , you will find lots of ideas and you can email most of these pros. with questions. they are the top of the line and always ready to help. good luck . keep smiling John

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    Default Re: making segmernted diamonds

    I echo the use of Malcolm Tibbets books and videos. Malcolm can also be found on a number of wood working forums, and is a very helpfully individual. Another good book for this subject is " woodturning with Ray Allen" Well worth the price, many shapes and ideas in this book.

    You asked for a how to is a slide show by Jim Rodgers. This will show you his method...there are other ways to do this. And there is also some software available that can be of help.........

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    Default Re: making segmernted diamonds

    You may not get a response until early next week though as most of those guys are at the AAW symposium in St. Paul this weekend.

    Can't wait to see some of the photo's from there.


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