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Thread: Ryan Shervill's 2011 DIY renovation...."Maximum Makeover, the inside edition"

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    Ceiling second pass

    While the spraying was going on, another team member followed along behind removing any high spots that happened to project out beyond the face of the framing. Also called “scarfing”, there was very little that needed to be done (maybe 4-5 spots) but it sure makes it easier to drywall with the high spots removed.

    With the scarfing done and the foam all sprayed, the floor was a mess:

    Which they cleaned up immediately ;)

    They pulled all the masking, swept every surface, and made sure the only purple in the house was where it belonged, and left me with a clean space (that just happened to look like Barney exploded in it)

    In all seriousness, I would HIGHLY recommend this process for anyone who is looking at insulation. I mean…I literally went from a drafty, leaky, severely under-insulated cottage to an air-tight R22 and R42 + house in ONE DAY! The team was thorough and very professional, the work was done quickly and neatly, and apart from the purple in the wall cavities, there wasn’t a trace of them being there. I’m pretty picky when it comes to trades, but these guys rate 100% in my book.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: The day after the foam was done, my air conditioning shut off….on a 35 degree afternoon….something that has NEVER happened in the 7 years that it has been in. I’m (almost) looking forward to winter now.

    Thanks for looking everyone. Tomorrow it’s time to cover up all that purple with drywall….see you then
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