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    paulspicThanks to all of the forum members and magazine subscribers who have private messaged and emailed me with helpful suggestions concerning the Ottawa Woodworking Show. Your input has been most helpful!

    Specifically, there are a number of dealers and manufacturers that readers have expressed interest in seeing at the show, including: Grizzly; Richelieu; Outils Pierre Berger; Builders Warehouse; Powermatic; Rikon; and Delta (to name a few).

    I am currently in discussions with these companies, and am working to include them in the show - some this year, some next.

    If you'd like to be sure that any of these great names will be at the show, please let them know.

    If you are a company (or know of one) that would like to exhibit at the show, please CLICK HERE.


    I am also  looking for some volunteers to help out at the show.
    So, if you are in the Ottawa area, and would like to be a part of the show, please let me know.
    We have a number of positions available.

    To find out more about volunteering, click HERE.


    ottawawoodshow2011logoHere is just some of what you will find at this year's Ottawa Woodworking Show

    Three Seminar Areas

    For the first time, the show will feature three distinct seminar series in three separate areas:

    • General Woodworking & DIY
    • General Woodworking & DIY (in French)
    • Fine Woodworking

    General Woodworking Seminar topics include

    • Design Your Small Shop for Maximum Efficiency
    • Woodworking Techniques to Get The Most From Your Small Shop
    • Learn to Design Your Own Projects
    • How to Best Combine the Use of Power and Hand Tools
    • Simple Home ProjectsThat Will Save You Thousands

    Fine Woodworking topics include:

    • - How Canada's top fine woodworkers design their award winning pieces - and how you can do the same.
    • - Learn how to design, or adjust your current shop design, so that you make the most out of your shop space
    • - Learn how to make money from woodworking - a lot of people want to, but only a few know how to actually do it.

    Meet Canada's Top Fine Woodworkers

    Award winning Fine Woodworkers will be on-hand all weekend long to answer your questions - whether you are just getting started, or you simply need to fine-tune a technique.

    garrettsMeet the Lee Valley/Veritas Design Team

    Members of the Lee Valley/Veritas design team will be giving woodworkers an inside view on how tools are conceived, created, and brought to market.

    • - get up close and personal with the industries most prestigious tool designers.
    • - See tools that are being developed now, for the future.
    • - Find out about your favourite tools, from the people that are creating them.

    Here are just some of the Fine Woodworkers who will be at the show: Ron Barter, Adrian Ferrazzutti, Karen McBride, Marty Schloser, Vic Tesolin, and Rob Brown.


    That's right - your one day admission of $10 covers all three days. Come back as often as you wish, take in more seminars, meet more pros, and get all of your questions answered!

    michaelsENTER TO WIN!

    Your admission gives you a chance to win a week-long woodworking course with Garrett Hack (photo top left) or Michael Forunte (photo bottom left), courtesy Rosewood Studio. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from North America's most sought after Fine Woodworkers.

    THIS JUST IN: The Ottawa Woodworking Show has just been approved to be an official drop-off location for battery recycling. Bring your old household and workshop batteries to the show, and for every battery you will receive one ballot to win any one of a variety of cordless power tools.

    So drop into the show and turn your old batteries into new power tools!

    Here is a partial list of exhibitors at this time.
    I know I've missed a few, so please forgive any ommissions.

    lvv lf dewalt bosch
    steelcity freud earlex algon kreglogo
    grex baddog portercable dimar bessey
    duragrit easternfor elite magswitch rd
    imperial kjp kv minwax oneida
    rockler wrayco royce sawshop sharpco
    woodpecker stockroom woodline    
    presthard brumley general king  


    Be sure to check us out on FACEBOOK!


    stanleypicStanley Works becomes the first S&P 500 tool manufacturer to launch an iPhone and iPod touch application with the introduction of the STANLEY Level.

    This new and free application is available online at the Apple App Store and brings users the accuracy and reliability of real world STANLEY tools in virtual form. Four interchangeable application skins emulate existing STANLEY levels to provide consumers with an opportunity to experience, research and learn about Stanley’s extensive line of levels.

    To get yours, click HERE


    Triton is delighted to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with NORDIS to distribute Triton power tools, accessories and spare parts to customersin Canada.

    “I can’t think of any better company to represent Triton in Canada.This partnership is instrumental in supporting and driving Triton’s marketgrowth and will allow us to create unified distribution, sales and support servicesfor new and existing Canadian customers” said Mark Owen, GlobalBusiness Development Manager for Triton.

    “Triton has a proven track record for innovation and quality”, said DavidCampagna, business development manager for NORDIS. “We look forwardto working with this dynamic group in offering extraordinary products and serviceto the Canadian market.”

    tritonAbout Triton

    Triton is recognised around the world as a leading manufacturer of high quality power tools and workshop equipment. From the first Workstation, produced in 1976, to the latest plunge router, precision has been at the very heart of Triton’s philosophy and is the guiding principle behind everything they do.

    Designed in Australia and produced to exacting standards, the Triton range includes award-winning routers, the industry-renowned Superjaws clamping system and the outstandingly versatile Series 2000 Workcentre.

    For more information visit

    nordisAbout Nordis

    NORDIS Distribution of Levis Quebec is a growing distribution company specialising in products for the secondary woodworking market. The ownership of the business has had a longstanding involvement in the industry and therefore an excellentunderstanding of the challenges unique to the Canadian market.

    Canada wide sales representation is offered through an alliance with Wrayco Sales, an independent sales agency that also represents Kreg Tool in Canada.

    For more information visit


    alexvocalStudying in joinery at the CFP des Bâtisseurs in Saint-Marie, Alex Vocal qualified himself during the 16th Canadian skills competition in Waterloo in 2010. His performance was worth a bronze medal, allowing him to participate in the 2011 WorldSkills competition held in Ocotber in London, UK.

    For this occasion, Normand and Jessem are proud to participate in Alex’s success by offering him a complete Jessem router table kit. Our support for Alex in this adventure is part of Normand’s goal to encourage excellence in the woodworking field for our youth.

    All the team at Normand wishes you luck. Bring back the GOLD!
    (shown in photo) Alex Vocal with André Normand, President

    Normand also encouraged success at the 'École nationale du meuble joseegarneauet de l’ébénisterie' of Victoriaville.

    The École nationale du meuble et de l’ébénisterie held its annual Benny evening to honour the academic performance of its students. During this occasion, the School remitted scholarships in the presence of teaching staff and partners.

    Normand was proud to contribute to the success of this event and was pleased to remit the 'best student award' to Miss Josée Garneau, third year DEC student.

    For Normand, this financial participation is not only an important tradition, but represents an encouragement towards academics as well as recognition of the talent and performance of students who dedicate themselves to woodworking.
    (shown in photo)
    Mr. Jeannot Bourque, Teacher, Miss Josée Garneau, Mr. André Normand, President.


    catsass21st Impressions, in Norwood, ON, design and make 2D & 3D signs and lettering of any size for indoor and outdoor use. Their signs are carved or cut out, some using computer numeric controlled routers (CNC) with the rest done the old fashioned way—by hand. All of their signs are hand painted at least four coats with environmentally friendly paints.

    1st Impression create their signs with a variety of materials to best suit
    your needs. They also fabricate a couple of unique products that you won't find elsewhere.

    Because of the way their signs are created, 1st Impressions are able to offer do-it-yourselfers a good way of saving money. They will do all the artwork and send the sign to you unpainted. The painting is easy and fun to do, and painting your own sign will save you up to 30%! They ship the sign with detailed instructions and are just a phone call away if you have any questions.

    Whether you're an individual who wants to showcase your home or cottage, or a business needing a highly visible sign, 1st Impressions always take the extra step to ensure that yours is a notch or two above the rest. They want your sign to get noticed, and believe that when running a business a good sign doesn't cost you money, it makes money. Your sign is your potential customer's first impression of who you are and what you do.

    Check them out at:


    kregTake the guesswork — and your tape measure and pencil — out of cutting wood to length.

    Kreg's Precision Trak & Stop Kit allows you to turn your shop miter saw into a precise cutting system.

    Simply slide the cursor of the stop to the dimension you’d like to cut, place the board against the stop, and cut to an exact length time after time. Perfectly sized workpieces couldn’t be simpler!

    Perfect for a Variety of Applications

    The most common setup for the Precision Track & Stop Kit is with a miter saw, but many woodworkers find it handy to add to their radial arm saw or drill press. No matter where you use the Precision Track & Stop Kit, you’ll find it remarkably faster and more accurate than a tape measure and pencil.

    Production Stop

    Designed to stand up to the rigors of repetitive cuts in an industrial environment, kreg2the Production Stop drops onto the top of the fence and features dual lens cursors for convenient use on either side of the blade.

    Swing Stop

    The patented design of the Swing Stop™ gives you a precise measurement when you need it and swings out of the way when you don’t, by simply pushing a board into the curved face of the stop. Like the Production Stop,it features the Precision Lens Cursor for fast, pinpoint positioning.

    Shop Made Support Wings

    Build a simple plywood or MDF box to match the height of your saw, then add a back fence that reaches 2-1/4” above the saw height for the stops to glide upon. Instructions and mounting hardware for the Trak are included.

    Rigid Aluminum Fence

    Incredibly strong and built to last, our anodized aluminum Trak features an L-shaped foot that makes alignment and mounting to any 3/4” thick board a snap.

    Trak is designed with a groove across the top to accept the included self-adhesive measuring tape.

    See the Precision Trak & Stop Kit at:


    forrestbladeForrest’s new blade is designed specifically for providing rip and cross cuts of two-sided plywood, whether finished or unfinished.

    Flawless Cuts with No Splintering

    Woodworkers and serious hobbyists will find that the Ply Veneer Worker is an exceptional blade that provides flawless cuts without splintering or fuzz and without chip-outs on either the top or bottom surfaces.  No scoring blade is needed.

    Forrest blades are available from fine-quality dealers, retailers, and catalogs, as well as direct from the factory.

    For more information, call 1-800-733-7111 or visit


    fedpicSpecials include:

    • Buy ANY DeWALT 18v XRP kit and receive
      any one of the tools listed below for free!
    • HVLP demos all day
    • $100 off Fein Mult-master
    • $100 off Earlex sprayer
    • 20% off General Machinery machinery
    • Special pricing on the newest JessEm products

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011
    8:00am - 7:00pm

    Download the full event flyer HERE.

    Can't make it to the store? Phone your order in - seriously, you don't want to miss the pricing on this event.


    festoslideMicro Fence has introduced a new package for use with various manufacturers’ straight-edge extruded clamps and tool guides so that any manufacturer’s router canbe used with it.

    Included are the measuring capabilities of the Micro Fence System , the Clamp Interface Package of your choice (choose from All-In-One,Eureka, Festool, Tru-Grip or Woodline Blue Max), their Stabilizer Bar and instructions for proper assembly and operation. The Universal Router Plate that comes with this package includes instructions for drilling it to fityour router or we offer a Pre-Drill Service at our shop for $ 25.

    Winner of the AWFS 2011 Sequoia Award - For ProductInnovation in Power Tools

    The Micro Fence Plunge Base and Edge-Guide Package is the ultimate combination for joinery and detailing work, bringing machine-toolprecision to woodworking tasks with .001" readouts.

    mfaward The Micro Fence System brings remarkable efficiency and repeatability to: Dadoing, Rabbetting, Mortising, V-Grooving, Slotting/Veining, Drawer Construction, Flutes, Reeds, Parallel Dado Operations, Hinge and Lock installations, InlayWork, Edge Profiling, Dentil Moldings, Sliding Dovetails, and more.

    Visit or call (800)480-6427 formore information.


    mtThis new jig provides the first quick and easy, all-in-one solution to cutting a matching mortise and tenon with a single affordable jig.

    Using a plunge router, woodworkers can cut both mortises and tenons ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 in. thick and from 1 to 3 in. long.

    Professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of the E∙Z Pro Mortise & Tenon Jig and in no time, you’ll be making joints for cabinets, furniture and frames.

    More info at:


    deepsensingIdeal for contractors, woodworkers and homeowners, the new Pin/Pinless Deep Sensing Moisture Meter with Spherical Sensor and Remote Probe (MMD950) from General Tools & Instruments offers superior design and functionality. Whether measuring the moisture content of wood, masonry or other construction materials, this precision specialty instrument boasts several advantages over other moisture meters on the market.

    The most common applications for the Deep Sensing Moisture Meter are: detecting moisture/water damage under tiling, locating moisture in sub-floors beneath carpeting and wood flooring, and checking moisture in masonry.

    The auto-calibrating Deep Sensing Moisture Meter provides readings in two modes—a jumbo LCD and a 40-dot tri-color LED bar graph. The unit can measure either WME (wood moisture equivalent) or REL (relative to a known moisture level) over a range of 0.0 to 99.9% with an accuracy of +/-5% of reading.

    More info at:


    brassfrontThe neater hinge is available in both nickel plate and natural brass, and is very competitively priced at $ 40 (USD) approx per brass pair, and $ 57 (USD) approx per nickel plate pair - includes screws, drill bitand postage throughout Europe, Canada and USA.

    The Neat Hinge is based on the traditional side rail hinge with a modification that makes it neater and easier to fit. The traditional square knuckle has been altered so that it looks rearshotneater from the rear of the box.

    In addition you can bring the hinges further into the box by adding a smallundercut to the lower mortise.

    They come in two stylish finishes - natural brass and nickel.

    These hinges measure 8.2mm wide, 43mm overall length, 40mm to centre of pin and 3mm thick.

    If you have any questions or would like to see more, go to:

    In This Issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine

    Each issue, Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine brings you a range of woodworking projects, techniques and tips that will help to improve your woodworking skills. Visit to subscribe.


    In the October/November '11 Issue:


    • Under-Stair Storage
    • Inlaid Flower Box
    • Three-Way Mitre


    • Garden Dibbler
    • Surface Preparation
    • Product News & Shop Tested Tools
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