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Thread: Hardwood Lumber suppliers by province

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    Default Hardwood Lumber suppliers by province

    There are so many inquiries for lumber in different areas I thought maybe we would try to put together a list by province...

    If you Post to this thread I will copy and paste your post into a master list by Province.

    I hope you will all take a moment to help out those who are always looking for lumber recommendations, and then we will have them all in one place to refer people to.

    Please Note I have also added a list of Pen turning Suppliers.


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    Default Re: Lumber supplyers by province

    Pen Turning Supplies

    Pen kit suppliers:


    Lumberworld Ltd. Mews Place, St. John's, NL 709 576 7283

    Kent Building Supplies, 10 Stavanger Drive, St. John's NL, A1A 5E8, 709-758-2500, Toll Free: 877-758-5368

    Kent Building Supplies, 60 Old Placentia Road, Mt. Pearl, NL, A1N 4Y1, 709-748-3500, Toll Free: 877-758-5368

    In Newfoundland; I just ordered some finished 1x3 birch from Sutreen Hardwoods in Eastport. They were quite helpful, and shipping is reasonable especially if you're buying larger amounts.
    (709) 677 2228


    Peter de Graaf; Berwick N.B. E5P 3A1 (sawmill)

    London Lumber
    1979 Melanson Rd, Greater Lakeburn, NB E1H 2C6

    Also, Dale Smearer up in Belldune, NB. goes around and buys up figured hardwoods. We sold him a $1600 birdseye log some years ago from a member woodlot owner of our local forest products marketing board. He bought it on the yard. Here is his web page.


    Kent Building Supplies, 68 Allen St Charlottetown, PE C1A 2V8 (902) 566-4291
    Chandler's Home Center Custom Woodworks 1 Plywood Place, Charlottetown, PE C1A 5H2 (902) 892-6557

    Royalty Hardwoods in Montague. Gem of a place, excellent people.

    Craig Wood Ltd in Tyne Valley, PEI is an excellent place. The president, Bruce Craig, is an awesome guy. They cut down their own wood, mill it, kiln dry it, do custom carpentry, the whole works, great spot.


    Kent Building Suppies
    35 Mic Mac Blvd.
    Dartmouth, NS
    B3A 4Y8
    (902) 469-2000

    Halifax Specialty Hardwoods -- 112 Bluewater Rd, Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4B 1K5, Phone: 902-835-4700, Fax 902-835-3841, Toll Free: 1-877-998-9977, Email:

    East Coast Specialty Hardwood -- 53 Wright Ave, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1G9, Phone: 902-468-3334

    The place is a treat to visit for any woodworkings in Halifax or Dartmouth for vacation or business meetings. Awesome collection of woods. The lobby is like a woodworking museum.

    Amos Wood Moldings and Millwork (formerly Logs to Lumber)


    Quebec (Montreal Area)

    Robert Bury St-Laurent, Quebec
    3500 Pitfield Boul.
    St-Laurent, QC
    H4S 1W1

    Scierie J T M Sawmill
    1382, Rte de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Saint-Lazare, QC J7T 2B8

    Bois Rive-Sud
    4200, BOUL. MATTE, LOCAL A
    BROSSARD, Québec, J4Y 2Z2

    Bois SDMalo
    740 Transcanada, suite 102
    J4G 1P1 (french only),43.286133

    Boiserie JRS
    9071 Boul Bourque
    J1N 0G2


    Toronto (GTA)
    Peacock Lumber (Oshawa)
    Century Mill
    Urban Tree Salvage
    Exotic Woods
    Artistic Wood Scarborough
    Canadian Timber Salvage Toronto
    Nadurra Wood Toronto
    Bamboo Bazaar Toronto
    Reclaimed lumber
    Ontario Hardwood Products Bolton
    Tyrone Mills Ltd, 2656 Concession 7, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6 905-263-8871
    MILLGROVE WOOD PRODUCTS LTD. 905-659-9666 Dundas Ontario

    Hamilton Wood products in Atwood
    171 James St. Atwood ON
    N0G 1B0

    Southwestern/Niagara area
    A & M Wood Specialty
    The Wood Shed
    Townsend Lumber, 1250 Jackson Side Road, Tillsonburg (519)842-7381
    Phillmore Enterprises, 1092 Sarnia Road, London ((519)471-3707
    Delaware Sawmill, 10414 Longwoods Road, Delaware (london area) (519)652-3740
    BC Lumber
    Dupuis Sawmill
    McQueen Lumber area)
    Otter Creek area)
    Brant Custom Hardwood
    Kootur Lumber Smithville
    Timeless Material Southampton
    Oliver Lumber Campbellville
    Cedar Creek Sawmill, 1459 Edworthy Road, Cambridge, Ont. ph # 519-621-7780, fax # 519-624-4967
    A&M wood specialties Cambridge
    Northfield Lumber Waterloo
    GWS Lumberwww.gswlumber.comTilbury
    Springwater Mills Limited 47493 Southdale Line St Thomas, ON N5P 3S6, Canada Phone:(519) 773-8137
    Lumber Logic -Owner Bryce 519-446-3595- home 519-717-5724-cell.
    One of a kind antique mall
    97 Wilson St, Woodstock

    The Wood Mill
    137 Lesperance Rd, Tecumseh, ON N8N 1V9
    120 Malcolm Road, Unit 1
    Guelph, Ontario
    Canada N1K 1B1
    Phone (519) 341-4330
    Tom Sproule is the proprietor

    Ken Hunter, 2185 Arner Townline. ph. 519 733 3123.
    He mills his own lumber & kiln dries it.

    Prices. Maple, Walnut, Cherry $6.00 BF
    Oak,Ash, Elm $3.00 BF
    QS Red & White Oak $4.00 BF
    Maple $6.00 BF
    poplar and birch

    Hardship Acres, 1150 County Road 6 S. Elmvale, ON(705) 322-1371
    BassLake Saw Mill, Prices Corner, On

    KJP Select Hardwood (Ottawa)
    Wood Select Creek - Ottawa area)
    Monaghan Lumber area)
    Wood Source
    Card Lumber, RR 1, Westbrook, ON K0H 2X0 Telephone : 613-384-2335
    Chisholm Lumber in Roslin, just north of Belleville. Bellville
    In the Ottawa Valley Bell Lumber in Renfrew.
    Glenn Supply

    Rockwood, ON.
    "Sawmill on Wheels"
    Dan Price owner/operator.
    Dan offers a log cutting service and he also sells thick cut boards of walnut, oak, maple, etc. live edge and dressed lumber.

    The Wood Box

    Thunder Bay
    Windsor Plywood Bay
    Precision Wood Design, 41 Rubin Dr. Murillo, 807-935-3006. Also on the web at Thunder Bay


    windsor plywood
    Wood Anchor
    Finmac Lumber:
    945 Elgin Ave
    Winnipeg, MB R3E 1B3
    (204) 786-7694


    Adams Lumber, Burron Lumber, J and H, Oakland Supply, Coop, big orders (over either 100 or 200 BF)s thru Hardwoods.

    windsor Plywood


    PJ White in Calgary or Edmonton
    Edmonton number 780 454 6561
    Here's a link for all PJs. .

    Riemer -- .
    Bacon Veneer Company - 2299 20 Ave NE, Calgary, AB . 403-250-3757
    Upper Canada-- .
    WG Chanin Hardwoods in Edmonton
    Windsor Plywood

    Black Forest Wood Company Ltd.
    Location Map
    Bay 7, 603-77th Ave. S.E.
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 2B9
    Phone: (403) 255-6044 Fax: (403) 255-6502
    Toll free in Canada and USA 1- 877-686-6061

    RICK THE "WOODHIPPY" TODAY AT 403-808-0770

    BRITISH COLUMBIA Andy Jantunen, wicked maple, walnut and other woods. This is where Windsor & WG Chanin buy some of there stuff. pretty nifty dude to deal with in Fraser Valley BC

    A few more in the Greater Vancouver area:
    •PJ White (Vancouver) (same URL as listed in the Alberta section)
    •Reimer Plywood (Abbotsford) (Victoria) (same URL as listed in the Alberta section)
    •Smith Plywood (Langley)
    •A few guys on Craigslist (materials section)

    In the Greater Vancouver area, out in Maple Ridge B.C.
    P&D Taylor industries
    11691 216th St.
    Maple Ridge B.C.

    Call first to make sure they are home. I've purchased some kiln dried maple from them, full 1" x full 6", 10' skip planed on the faces $16 per board.

    These next folks I haven't bought from - yet! my hardwood needs are pretty small so I don't buy too much. And this is a long drive for me
    CarlWood Lumber Limited
    9492 - 287th Street
    Maple Ridge, B.C.
    Canada V2W 1L1
    Tel: 604-462-7517
    Fax: 604-462-0160


    Here is a link to the opening announcement in the Comox paper.

    The address and contact info is at the end of the article.

    Here is the stores web site.
    a Robust dealer.

    Gorgeous Boards
    2059 South Wellington
    Nanaimo, BC

    Jim Starr - 250-616-8748

    Lots of Fir, Maple, Alder and a lot of other various woods including Sequoia, Cherry, Hemlock, and a few exotics. He buys logs from you if you have something nice. Has lots of flame/eye/burl/etc maple slabs great for guitar bodies/necks, etc. It's not the kind of place where you can just stop in and grab some wood. You have to look around, decide on something, and then order it up. He'll cut it to your dimensions and then you pick it up. Unless the piece is small and he happens to have it available. Reasonable prices though.

    Windsor Plywood

    Vancouver Island Woodworkers Guild.
    According to their website "We have numerous community projects underway. One of note is the Wood Recovery Program which donates 15% of the wood recovered to educational institutions. It is the only large scale wood recovery program operating in Western Canada. With municipal and private donations, we are able to use wood for artistic and community projects that otherwise would be burned. Members who participate learn all the steps from fallen tree to final processing. This includes cutting, grading, kiln and air drying and stickering with an emphasis on safety."

    1.We find out about and take possession of the salvageable tree parts, and truck them to a safe place.
    2.We seal the end grain and otherwise protect the tree parts from degradation before milling.
    3.When enough tree parts have accumulated to make milling and kiln drying worthwhile, we engage a sawmill operator to custom mill planks and boards for us.
    4.Guild members may buy the wood green and take it away at that point – price to cover the costs of transporting and milling the wood plus extra for school donation.
    5.We may truck the wood to a kiln and dry it, although some local woods are best air dried which can take up to five years.
    6.Guild members can buy the wood at that point and take it away – price to cover costs of capture, milling, trucking, kiln drying plus extra for school donation."

    "Vancouver Island is blessed with a wealth of tree varieties and sizes. Over the past few years we have processed over 25,000 board feet of Pacific Yew, Black Locust, Douglas Fir, White Oak, London Plane, English Oak, Cedar of Lebanon, Cherry, Horse Chestnut, Plum, Walnut and Garry Oak."

    Dave Horn at 604-826-6155. He has a small sawmill in the Mission area

    Langley area

    Toncha Hardwood (beech)
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    Default Re: Hardwood Lumber suppliers by province

    Hi Lisa .. I just wanted to add this.. There is a new sawmill based out of Rockwood, ON. It's called "Sawmill on Wheels" Dan Price who I think is a member on this forum is the owner/operator. Dan offers a log cutting service and he also sells thick cut boards of walnut, oak, maple, etc. live edge and dressed lumber.
    His number is 519-826-8371 and his website is Regards Tony
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    Default Re: Hardwood Lumber suppliers by province

    Thanks Tony! I will add your information. Not sure where Rockwood Ont. I have it in the right spot on the post?
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    Default Re: Hardwood Lumber suppliers by province

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
    Thanks Tony! I will add your information. Not sure where Rockwood Ont. I have it in the right spot on the post?
    Here you go Lisa --

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    Default Re: Hardwood Lumber suppliers by province

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
    Thanks Tony! I will add your information. Not sure where Rockwood Ont. I have it in the right spot on the post?
    Sawmill on Wheels is right on Guelph Line, 15 kms North of 401 and Mohawk. His wood farm is the 4th drive on the right after the 30th side road.
    I got some awesome 2" Cherry live edge 18" x 10 feet long from him and walnut similar to that for a good price..
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