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    Most of the Southern Ontario folks here have more than likely seen James from The Wood Shed and some of the wood shows. What he brings is only a small sample of whet he carries. I just came back from his new ( 2 year old) shop outside of Smithville Ontario. Man is that place ever huge! Even the web site does not do justice. There were a few things that I wanted to pick up and ended up buy a little extra. I had a great little chat with James as well.

    I mentioned to James about setting up a Saturday where a group of us could have a "day out" where we could meet for coffee at a Tim's and head over to the shop for a wander. I know that not everyone has had a chance to get out this way so I thought to see if there was any interest and look for some feedback.
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    i have been a few times out there, but I don't remember if it's to the new shop or the old one. i get a sneaking suspicion it was the old one with the uneven floors and a creaky old staircase.

    I'm game as its always fun to go look at wood and i need to get some plywood for cabinets soon anyways.

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    I buy most of my wood from The Wood Shed. I agree with Richard, this place is huge and the wood is very well sorted. Its hard to walk away not having spent a lot more than you planned. James is a nice guy too.

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    I'm a little farther away, so likely wouldn't be in regular attendance, but I'd likely join in every now and then... I haven't been yet, but I'm impressed by the website (and when they were in London I grabbed two *stellar* pieces of wormy maple! I could always use more )

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