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Thread: Improved Push Pads.

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    Default Improved Push Pads.

    Finally got fed up with my set of generic push pads slipping around the router table & jointer. They're the grey plastic ones that have 3/16" of slippery closed cell sponge under them & you have to apply way too much downward pressure to get a nice grip on the workpiece. Even then they'll slip a bit, then grab, & you end up with a nice little gouge on your workpiece . So I got my roll of non slip router pad out, cut a couple of pieces, wrapped them over the crap sponge & hot glued them onto the hard plastic. They work really well. I've got complete control now with hardly any downward pressure. Thought I'd pass it on.
    Paul W.

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    Default Re: Improved Push Pads.

    Good idea. I like mine, but they were slipping a bit on certain plywoods (I use them quite frequently for table saw cuts on larger pieces).

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