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Thread: For Sale -- Lathe Headstock Bearings 88505 model 1460 Delta/Rockwell Lathe

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    Default For Sale -- Lathe Headstock Bearings 88505 model 1460 Delta/Rockwell Lathe

    I purchased a lathe in Dec. '07, and discovered the headstock bearings required changing. For some reason which escapes me at the present moment, I purchased an extra set. They are NTN's 88505's.

    If anybody has a use for them, here's your chance! Guaranteed brand new. They cost me $51.75 taxes in, in Jan. 2008.

    They can be yours for $30.00 for the pair. Pickup at my back door or I can mail to you at your cost.

    I can post a pic if you need to see what they look like!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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