I am wanting to start carving, relief carving to start and am looking for some advice on chisels. One of my children gave me a set of japanees carving chisels but I am concerned while good for fine work may not do the job. The chisels are from Lee Valley and the link is:


I am looking at potentially adding some and would appreciate peoples advice on a set available from Busy Bee; the link is:


I recognize the quality may not be what I would want if I find I really enjoy carving but I also so not want to spend the $25-30 per chisel that would be required to get what might be better quality from Lee Valley.

I would appreciate feedback on the suitabilty of the current Lee Valley set I have for relief carving and also views on the set from Busy Bee that I am considering purchasing. Also open to other suggestions on sources for reasonably priced set.