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Thread: King Canada Dust Collector.

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    Default King Canada Dust Collector.

    Does anyonee have any experience with, or knowledge about King Canada dust collectors? I'm in the market for a new dust collector & am looking at the King KC3105C or the General Star Shop from Rona #6859020. Both are 1 1/2 HP and similar CFM, (Approx 1200) The king being $60 cheaper, problem is that I don't have any experience with the King products. Any feedback would be appreciatted good or bad.
    Thanks Don

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    Hi Don, I have the King 3105 1-1/2hp model and it has worked flawlessly for several years. I removed the double-y inlet to reveal a 6" inlet and piped to my tools with 6" metal ducting. Great suckage.


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    Default Re: King Canada Dust Collector.

    I have the King 310-8 2HP 1350CFM 240V collector. When I was buying mine, I wanted the same spec General one originally, and the fellow at TJV in Mississauge, who had both on the floor, said the King was the exact same unit, just different paint job and badging. Have had for 8 years now, and while it is the only King product I have in the shop, I am very happy, although I did upgrage the cloth upper bag for a cannister filter instead for improved performance - not that it needed it - and for an overall height reduction reason which wouldn't apply to most peoples own needs.

    Here's mine dollied up for a night on the town.

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    Thanks for the informatoin guys. I'll go look at the king in the comming days.

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