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Thread: wall panel match to floor

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    Default wall panel match to floor

    In our master bedroom we are going to add a walk in closet with a wall that will not go to the 8 ft. ceiling ~ 7 Ft.
    I am going to stain the existing, parquet floors the colour of natural santos mahogany that we put in our en suite bath. In fact we will eventually stain the entire upstairs.
    On this walk in closet wall which will be 7' x 12' I thought it would be nice to do some kind of wall panelling, either contemporary design or more traditional frame & panel.
    My question is what kind of wood or colour or figure might go with the mahogany like colour on the parquet floors?
    The simplest & most obvious I guess is santos hog frame & panel, but that doesn't excite me that much. So my mind starts jumping to cocobolo or ceylon satinwood, but they probably wouldn't go that well with the floors. Anything with different grain than the hog colour. Even something stained to a sympathetic colour, lighter or darker???
    Pics of anything appreciated especially contemporary panels.
    I can do any level of veneering.
    Mike Mcnerney

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