Greetings from the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

In about 2 years I plan on moving to canada to work for a few years...what is now worrying me is the ability to use my growing collection of tools...

Generally in Australia/New Zealand it is sometimes possible to selectively buy equipment sutiable for 50 or 60Hz, however all equipment is plated 220/240 volts only.

I understand North American homes may have some 220v outlets in the home, is this a normal occurence? If I was to rent a house, with the use of an electrician to change the machine plugs over and a long extension cord am I going to be able to run my 220/240v 50/60Hz equipment in a typical place? (Not middle of the city, I'm a mining guy so I would be more likely to come to somewhere in a medium sized town/cit in BC/NWT etc).

Also I assume 3 phase is out of the question, but a single phase thicknesser or jointer should work if the other equipment does?

Thanks in advance, I'm already keen to use some of this oak and cherry and walnut that I've seen pictures of.

Summary of questions:
Do most rental homes have 220v outlets that could be used to power woodworking tools somewhere with an extension cord?
Is it possible to use 60HZ plated machinery on 50Hz supply?
Are higher current draw, single phase machines such as thicknessers a problem?