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Thread: New Delta Scroll Saw

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    Jordan in Winnipeg Guest

    Default New Delta Scroll Saw

    I was looking at the Delta's websight Canadian cataloge and there is a new 16" scroll saw. Model 40-570C. No pic available. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew where or how could I buy this scroll saw because I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

    The neat thing about it is it has a handle and it weighs 60lbs. Sounds like its quite portable.

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    Bev, Ayr Guest

    Default Re: New Delta Scroll Saw

    I saw one last nite in my local home depot, Kitchener

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    W.Y. in BC (smoke cleared Guest

    Default Re: New Delta Scroll Saw

    Bev; What price was it and how much different from the one it's replacing.

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    Bev, Ayr Guest

    Default Didn't look that closely

    The main difference at a quick glance was the "table" that your work sits on. I was looking for the cheapie single speed that Home Depot are supposed to have on sale (except when I want one) and didn't really look at the price, but I think it is compararable to what it its replacing

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    W.Y. in BC (sunny and hot Guest

    Default Single Speed???

    Bev; I would advise against the single speed unless you are just getting it for scroll work . If you are going to do any fretwork you will wish you had never seen it.

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    Terry G. Guest

    Default Re: Delta Website

    I have been on the Delta site and I have never seen a Canadian catalogue . Could you give me the address for this site? Thanks

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    W.Y. in BC (sunny and hot Guest

    Default Here It Is

    Terry; In the Delta site click on "dealers" and then on Canada. It's there. Let me know if you can't find it because you can get a list of every Canadian dealer in that site.

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    Terry G. Guest

    Default Re: Here It Is

    W.Y. Thanks for the info. Found what I was looking for. Terry

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