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    By pure luck I found a huge birch root burl last fall. These are the first turnings from it that I've completed:

    Natrual edged bowl, 7" diameter, 5/16 wall thickness.

    Natural edged goblet with dyed pedestal, 4' diameter. It has absolutely no practical use so should be able to command a high price.

    Natural edged lidded goblet with ebony pedestal and finial, topped with a diamond. This is one of my entries into our woodturners guild "1 board foot" competition. (Make anthing you want out of 1 bd. ft. or 144 cubic inches.)

    OK, it isn't really a diamond, just cubic zirconium, but it looks the same.
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    This is a fine looking little box on a pedestal. The natural edge gives it a unique look. The color contrast between the burl box piece, the pedestal and the finial is very complimentry...... and I really think you nailed the shape for the finial. The finish looks good also.

    Yes....this is a very nice piece........... Well Done.

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