briefly two craftmaster table saws, the tilting arbour belongs to jacques who has asked me to bring it back to useful life and a tilting table that i decided to renew for the heck of it

jacques' tilting arbour now has a motor mount, motor and wiring and is operational. however severe blade wobble indicates that new bearings and some minor machine work is required. Like the beaver 1200 and 2200, the motor doesnt tilt with the arbour, the motor just slide along a rod to provide some semblence of belt alignment. it does work at a bevel angle of 45 degrees with quite a belt twist!! but work it does!!

the tilttable saw has had new bearings and i had to machine the spindle down for a 1/2 inch bore pulley it was so severely damaged at that end from a loose pulley. the main body has been cleaned up and painted, tabletop(severely rusted) has cleanedup nicely, saw is now partially assembled ready for arbour runnout check

pics will follow when the batteries are charged