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Thread: My experience with Shapton Stones from HMS Enterprises

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    Default My experience with Shapton Stones from HMS Enterprises

    I just want to share my experience with HMS Enterprises.

    I bought two water stones from them about 2 months ago...
    One of the plastic case is warped due to improper packing and because of that it will not stay closed. Not a big deal, but i sent a nice & polite e-mail to them asking for a replacement case, i told them that i can pay for it if needed because i like their cases.

    Well guess what, they never even bother replying to me. I sent the same e-mail 3 times (1 week interval) and still no replies. It tells you what kind of customer service they have. Well, i need more stones and guess what, they won't be Shapton stones. I am glad the stones are fine and only the case is defective.

    Am i too picky ?

    I bought the #320 and #5000, when i get the new stones from Lee Valley i will be selling those, i don't want to deal with these clowns anymore.

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    Default Re: My experience with Shapton Stones from HMS Enterprises

    You sayn that the fact that the case is warped and won't close is ''not a big deal'' so if you like the stones which you say are fine, why rant. enjoy the stones... I guess it depends on whether you are more interested in the case or the stones.

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    Default Re: My experience with Shapton Stones from HMS Enterprises

    Hello Bidule,

    I am very sorry we missed your email. I try to answer these everyday in a timely manor. We will be glad to send you a replacement box right away.

    Authorized US and Canadian Master ShaptonŽ Distributer

    Harrelson Stanley
    President, HMS Enterprises, Inc.
    51 Shattuck St.
    Pepperell, Ma 01463
    Toll free (877) MY- BENCH (692-3624)
    International 1-(978) 433-6927)
    Fax (978) 433-4951

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