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    I should have posted sooner but I ordered a few things online from the Saw Shop on a Sunday night and had them on the Tuesday. Not sure how they did that but I will gladly give them my business again. It's refreshing (and rare) that I have such a positive shopping experience that I thought I would give them a shout out. Thanks Saw Shop

    Brad in Bruce Twp

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    I was in the middle of a kitchen reno when the rear clamp on my Delta Hybrid saw fence broke. I emailed Dave at The Saw Shop on Saturday and had a new Red Line fence in my hands on Tuesday. Can't ask for better service.

    "Congratulations. You've just figured out the most complicated way to hold a board 30 inches off the floor."
    Tage Frid

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    I always love stories of good service (especially given the massive number of stories you hear about horrible customer service...)

    I finally ordered a riser block for my bandsaw. I was a little reluctant to order online, but the closest store was in London (and having commuted between Waterloo and London for almost 2 years, I know it's roughly $20 per round tip in my car)... given flat rate $12 shipping from, I figured I'd go for it.

    Besides the funny shipping routes, that go by my house, on their way to the main Toronto depot, before coming back to my house, I was uber impressed to have the package to my door *The Next Morning*!

    Impressive. Only thing better would be an actual tool shop around here!

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    ive had great customer service from many places, very fast delivery

    two stand out though, federated tools in london and of course leevalley

    last time i ordered something from federated tools, id swear my order was on the pick up truck before i hung up!!
    my shop is a beaver lodge
    steve, sarnia, ont

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    Hats off to Lee Valley

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