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    I mentioned a month or so ago that I will be selecting a "Best Build" thread from the forum for each issue. I like to see build threads, as I know many others do, and we all learn a lot from them. This is why I'm encouraging these types of threads.

    We will be giving away a prize to the winner. We have a Lee Valley Dual Marking Gauge for our next winner. It's a pretty sweet tool! I'll be selecting a thread over the next couple weeks, so fair warning.

    And to be clear, this is not a contest to see who can build the nicest piece of woodwork. This is more about taking the time to post clear photos, describe the process and teach others about your experiences on the project. It can be furniture, turning, scroll work, home improvements, etc.

    Thanks everyone!
    Rob Brown
    Editor - Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

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